Contemporary Group offers a range of services through its subsidiaries, Contemporary Design Associates and Contemporary Properties Limited, the services which are tailored to the client’s needs and specification

We conduct reconnaissance surveys, Project Identification, Site Location Studies, Resource Inventories, Market Surveys, Land Use/population Studies, Settlement Pattern, Infrastructures and Environmental Studies.

We provide basic collection, Analysis of Limiting Factors and Constraints, Concept and Development Options, Goals and strategies, Sectorial Planning, Physical Planning, Integrated Development Planning, Regional and Master planning, Project Evaluation.

We carry out wholesome construction activities, Turnkey Contract Administration, Construction Management, Site Supervision, Quality Control.


Our Vision
To be the unique solution provider for challenging and demanding projects. The process of achieving the long term goals and objectives of the organization requires commitment and steadfastness. To ensure that all the staff give optimum commitment and dedication to activities of the company.

Pursuit of Excellence
Maintaining the highest standard in every aspect of our service delivery, without compromises at all times. We openly and promptly provide knowledge without bias to internal and external clients to assist them become successful.

Work Processes

  • Obtain the client’s brief
  • Assessment of the client’s brief
  • Formulation of preliminary design parameters
  • Development of design concept
  • Approvals from the client
  • Production of working drawings
  • Production of work plan and schedule
  • Identification and engagement of professionals needed to implement the process
  • Management of the construction and implementation process to achieve the desired effect
  • Feedback from the client throughout the entire work process

Project Delivery Time
This is determined by the type of design, scope of the project and source of material. All projects are usually delivered before the schedule completion date